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If you plan to drive a car or already own one, then you are aware that insurance is a must have. Depending on which state you reside, there are certain minimum requirements when it comes to car insurance. Not having enough car insurance is both detrimental to yourself and to anyone involved in an accident that is your fault. Be safe, and make sure you carry enough car insurance to meet the standards set forth by your state.

All responsible adults purchase car insurance because they understand what can happen if you don’t have it. Chances are you will lose your driving privilege should you get pulled over or worse if you are involved in an accident. There is no reason for you not to acquire car insurance, especially when there are plenty of companies out there competing for your business.

The best place to shop for car insurance is online because you can enter in your information and receive many quotes within a matter of seconds. That’s really all it takes and if you have your driver information available right now, you can have temporary insurance cards printed up as soon as you pay your initial premium.

Car insurance companies offer many discounts and it is up to you to investigate which ones you qualify for. Anyone can receive a discount for things like anti- theft devices, anti-lock brakes, driver improvement course, and various other incentives are all offered if you desire to save money.

Research the car insurance companies online before purchasing a policy. There are websites that will rate each insurance company in addition to providing reviews from people who are actual customers of these insurance companies. Once you read over the many reviews it is up to you to make a decision on where to fill out an application.

Know the minimum requirements in your state. This will help you get a accurate quote and not something that will change once you receive your payment amount. Also make sure you enter everything in correcting on the application, otherwise your monthly premium amount could change, a lot.

Purchasing car insurance is a very simple process, one that you can complete quickly thanks to all the tips in the above article. You should not have to go without car insurance any longer, now that you understand how easy it is to apply (don’t forget to go for low cost car insurance).

Rice Park Winter Carnival Overview

Rice Park is the main venue of Saint Paul’s joyous event, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. This annual festival is held in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This tradition started in the years 1886, 1887, 1888, and 1896. It was established to feature the warm and sunny vibe in Saint Paul during its harsh winter season. The festival went on a hiatus for a few years and was then revived in 1917. It was only in 1946 that the Rice Park Winter Carnival became an annual tradition.


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The History of Rice Park Winter Carnival

King Boreas the First was crowned during Saint Paul’s Winter Carnival in 1886. At the same time, the festival featured an ice palace that was made entirely from ice collected from Minnesota lakes. From then on, the festival became known the world over as a tradition featuring some of the best ice creations.

Aside from ice creations boasting elaborate designs,  the festival also features other exciting attractions and activities such as ice horse-racing and bobsledding. Bobsledding is essentially a unique activity relating to racing in frozen lake surfaces. This event not only displays the beauty of Minnesota but also helps in creating a closer community altogether. The festival also showcases the traditions of the Native Americans that live in nearby tribes.


The Rice Park Winter Festival at Present

Due to its popularity not only among those living in Saint Paul, the Rice Park Winter Carnival started to grow over the years. The Royal Family fraternal organization, the authority that organizes and facilitates the annual winter festival makes public appearances yearly so as to spread the word about the carnival around the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The Royal Family travels in various parts of the Unites States and neighboring Canada to participate in various festivals and special occasions. Their primary aim is to promote community awareness and volunteerism as well as to promote and support charitable causes.

The Rice Park Winter Carnival in Saint Paul is held January each year. During World War II, the committee organizing the festival did not hold the festival in recognition of the conflicts happening overseas during that time.

To date, Rice Park Winter Carnival holds the following events and activities as part of their annual celebration:

  • Grand Day Parade
  • Royal Coronation
  • Kid’s Day
  • Outdoor Beer Dabbler Festival
  • Historic Art Exhibition
  • Klondike Kate Cabarets
  • Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt
  • Dogsled Race
  • Torchlight Parade
  • Snow Sculpting
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

The Rice Park Winter Carnival has successfully created a total of 36 Ice palaces since 1886.